Massive Monster Banyan Tree

January 17, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

When I first saw this massive Banyan tree, I was amazed by its incredible size. I had to find a way to show everyone what I saw. I walked around the tree for a few weeks trying to determine the best way to capture its enormous girth.

On my second visit I noticed a lush green palm tree trapped in the middle. Like some kind of giant monster, this Banyan tree has slowly devoured the poor defenseless palm, its maze of roots slowly constricting the palm tree like a group of ruthless serpents. I decided to wait for nightfall to see if the monster tree came to life under the eerie glow of the moon and it did.

Imagine being able to see this tree grow from a seed to where it is now in a time lapse. It would look like a giant monster with massive tentacles as it ate the poor defenseless palm tree. Maybe monsters do exist. Wasn't there a person sitting on the now vacant park bench when I pressed the shutter release on my camera?


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