Bottlenose Dolphin Catches Mullet in Mid-Air

January 01, 2017  •  1 Comment

Lions, tigers and cheetahs are often considered the great hunters of the animal world, but they have nothing on the mighty dolphin. Watching a dolphin isolate one fish and herd it into shallow water is absolutely incredible. It starts with a small wake on the surface of the water as the dolphin lunges towards the fish. The chase is on! The fish relies on instinct as panic sends it jumping feverishly out of the water. The true nature of what is about to happen makes itself perfectly clear. As soon as the fish hits the water, the dolphin is waiting and this is where things get interesting. The dolphin, using its blunt nose smacks the fish and sends it flying back into the air. The fish now stunned and near its end falls back into the open mouth of the dolphin. Dolphin 1 - Mullet 0. An absolutely amazing sight to behold.


Raymond Eichelberger(non-registered)
Game...Set...Match! Incredible shot. Thanks for sharing!
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