Why Take Pictures of Birds?

February 17, 2016  •  1 Comment

I am a sucker for taking pictures. I will takes pictures of just about anything. A good percentage of these pictures gets deleted but at least I am out there taking pictures. One of my favorite things to photograph would have to be birds. I can remember taking pictures of birds back when I was a little kid. My dad had a Minolta with a zoom lens. This was back in the days of film. He loaded me up with film and let me fire away. I took pictures of anything and everything, especially birds.


One of the great things about bird photography is having the ability to get really close to a bird. With a good sharp photograph, you can see every detail that you might not have been able to see in the wild. As I am sure you know, most birds don't like it when you stick your nose in their business. Getting close enough to see these amazing details with the naked eye is almost impossible. That's where photography comes in. One shot let's you, me or anyone else in the world get that special close up view.


Here is a good example. Here are a couple of Northern Flickers I shot on Valentine's Day. Look at the detail on these birds!

Northern FlickersNorthern FlickersNorthern Flickers


MIldred Michos(non-registered)
The details on these birds are delightful, so clear and so intricate. Really enjoyed your presentation about the sand hill cranes. You had such empathy for them.
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