Black Canyon Winter Approaches

November 17, 2014  •  Leave a Comment
Standing on the edge of a rocky outcropping at Black Canyon National Park is an experience unlike any other. The scene that unfolds before your eyes is breathtakingly surreal and it just might turn your legs to jello. 
It makes my head spin just a little. My brain tries to put everything together as I tiptoe my way towards the edge. I’m not quite sure if I want to look down into the deceptively deep chasm, but there is a driving force buried somewhere deep inside me that pushes me forward. At this point, there is no turning back. My legs and feet slowly inch forward.
What is that strange feeling I ask myself? That would be vertigo, but I just can’t take my eyes off of the beautiful multicolored rocks that look as if they might be alive. There are sparse groups of trees that appear to seek shelter together, but then I notice that lone tree whose roots somehow provide the tree with enough nourishment to flourish even though they are wrapped around nothing more than ancient rock. The visual stimulation is flooding my brain, but the audio clues start to chime in next. 
My ears draw me to the distant sound of a whitecap covered, roaring river over 3000 feet below. From my vantage point, the river is moving in slow motion. The apparent slow moving river is the icing on the piece of natural, surreal cake that my brain is still busy trying to comprehend. 
In this photograph, the first signs of winter are making a definite appearance. A light blanket of snow covers every crack, crevice and tree limb. The visitor's center perched on the adjacent cliff is a welcome oasis to tourists and anyone brave enough to hike the many trails that climb through the canyon. This is one experience that should be on everyone’s bucket list. Prints are available at this link.


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